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3 December 2018
By Hayley Cormick

Does timber actually come out on top when considering end-of-life?

If perhaps you weren’t looking for it, or skipped over the clause, you may have missed a critical item within the RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment for the Built Environmental professional statement, Nov 2017, around the mandatory requirements to be met in order to include carbon sequestration within a life cycle carbon model. The RICS professional statement requires that if carbon sequestration is to be included in the model, the timber must: A. be sourced from sustainable sources by specifying FSC or PEFC certified products and B. include the end-of-life impacts [Module C]. While we didn’t miss this statement, we do believe we may have misinterpreted elements of it in a KLH article published in Jan 2018, so this article endeavours to provide clarification and share our learning from the past year. Read more…

3 September 2018
By Kirsten Henson

KLH summer roundup

Summer has, this year, been….hot. While we love our ‘low energy’ office that relies on dual aspect, openable windows, mature greenery in the adjacent courtyard and user-operated blinds to block out the afternoon sun, work slowed to a crawl as the heat peaked around 3pm. The only escape from the rising mercury it seemed was an afternoon siesta in a darkened room. Of course, even at KLH Sustainability, where we promote a healthy work/life balance, accommodating afternoon siestas is just not practicable. Although, that doesn’t stop the KLHers asking for a hammock in the office! Read more…

2018 Archive 1 / 5