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5 October 2017
By Tercia Jansen van Vuuren

Using BREEAM to assess the sustainable sourcing and use of aggregates

Last week, the draft of the eagerly anticipated BREEAM UK New Construction (NC) 2018 was launched for consultation. Whilst there are many changes that will hopefully continue to improve the way we promote and assess the sustainability of new developments, here at KLH Sustainability, we are most excited about the proposed changes to assessment issue WST 02 in the ‘Waste’ category.   Read more…

28 September 2017
By Tercia Jansen van Vuuren

Navigating beyond sustainability buzzwords

With the ever increasing attention on sustainability in the world of construction, claims for sustainability crop up everywhere. Reading a statement on a manufacturer’s website about how ‘sustainable’ their product is, without any further information describing exactly in what way it is sustainable, can be immensely frustrating and cause one to lose faith in the quest to drive the implementation of sustainability in practice. Whilst it certainly is not the case in all situations, these statements can be intentionally vague or overstated to highlight the environmental benefits of the product or company and may not represent reality. This practice is commonly referred to as “greenwashing”. Fuelled by our own experiences in searching for the truth behind marketing brochures and catch phrases, KLH Sustainability have put together a short guide for how to look beyond the buzzwords. Read more…

16 September 2017
By Rosa Shirm

Bringing a breath of fresh air to the design of indoor environments

In London, it would be unusual to complete a journey without encountering some form of action against outdoor air pollution thanks in part to the mayor’s focus on the issue. Now common sites include bus stops that relay data on the local air quality, hybrid buses patrolling the streets, green walls sprouting along the edge of office blocks and citizens using apps to navigate the least polluted route to their destination. Numerous, positive actions are currently occurring across the city that are working together to create a healthier, outdoor urban environment. Read more…

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