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16 August 2016
By Abby Crisostomo

The Sustainability Narrative in Post-Brexit UK

A month and a half after the historic EU referendum, you still can’t get through too many conversations without discussion of the implications of Brexit. The discussion, both hopeful and cynical, ranges from everyday life to national policy to the built environment industry. Staying in the EU or not, the UK government still has responsibilities to address climate change, the environment and sustainable development. The question remains how seriously we take that responsibility, particularly without the oversight (or constraint) of the EU. The answer, unfortunately, is not clear. Read more…

1 August 2016
By Akayo Henson

Improving Sustainability in the Built Environment: Lessons from my time at KLH

I think it’s fair to say that I haven’t been bored these past 5 months as a graduate at KLH! Between working on five projects simultaneously and trying to remember which client office I’m supposed to be at on what day, being part of a small consultancy has given me a valuable insight into the process of bringing sustainability to life on major building projects. Although my time at KLH has been brief, there are several lessons I’d like to take with me as I move on to pastures new. Read more…

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