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25 December 2014
By Kirsten Henson

The 2014 Round Up!

2014 has been a busy year for construction which bodes well for the general state of the economy. The team at KLH Sustainability have been run off their feet the whole year.  Samantha has been keeping the Sky Campus Masterplan on track to deliver a sustainable new home for Sky’s growing team. She has had to use her knowledge of the planning, design and construction process on more than a few occasions to ensure the original vision for the Sky Masterplan is delivered. Samantha will be handing this batten across to Kristina in 2015 as she takes a sabbatical to celebrate her marriage – congratulations Samantha, travel safely, we are already counting down the days until you get back!Kristina has been working shoulder to shoulder with Elliott Wood Structural Engineers, helping them challenge their design solutions, quantify impacts and bring innovation to their clients framed in the context of sustainability rather than the engineering brilliance behind it. While we recognise the ingenuity of engineers, bending moments and shear strengths do not engage a clients’ imagination. Low embodied energy, high recycled and responsible sourcing are now common parlance among leading developers and we all know that if we want to inspire future generations of engineers and impress our clients, we have to speak a language that they relate to.Chloe has been busy implementing Network Rail’s Corporate Sustainable Timber Policy, embodied carbon reporting and waste water management procedures. She has proved herself so indispensable in this task that she will be with the team at Network Rail for a further 6 months in the 2015. Read more…

24 December 2014
By Kristina Arsenievich

Is the Future of Construction Printed?

In the last decade 3D printing has evolved from prototyping to scaled-up rapid manufacturing and entered the realm of construction. Elements can now be printed in conventional building materials like cement, steel and glass to the unconventional reinforced wool and structural silk.From its inception in 1980s 3D printing has been used by architecture and design enthusiasts for concept visualisation. Traditionally this was achieved using a plastic filament printer which deposited material in consecutive layers. Read more…

2014 Archive 1 / 12