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19 June 2017
By Kingsley Owusu-Ware, Design Engineer Construct Work Placement Student

A week in the life: KLH hosts DEC work placement student

Through our work with Balfour Beatty and Places for People on the East Wick & Sweetwater project, KLH took on a work placement student as part of the London Legacy Development Corporation’s partnership with the Design Engineer Construct Programme. Kingsley Owusu-Ware is interested in civil engineering, has experience with CAD and BIM and is looking to join apprenticeship programmes. He spent a week with KLH working on a number of different projects. He shares his experience here, and we’re happy to report it seems he enjoyed his time with us as much as we enjoyed having him with us! Read more…

25 May 2017
By Rosa Shirm

Wellbeing and the Built Environment: 3 Takeaways from Green Sky Thinking Week

The empowering effect of air quality monitoring Foobots, adapting the urban landscape to accommodate for the changing nature of disease and the reasons behind the exponential growth of WELL certified buildings represent a handful of the inspiring insights I encountered across the health and wellbeing events throughout Green Sky Thinking Week 2017. The diversity in topics, projects, speakers and expertise offered a collection of engaging presentations – more than is possible to do justice here. Instead, here are three key thoughts taken from the week. Read more…

19 May 2017
By Tercia Jansen van Vuuren

A reflection on the value of buildings and materials

The 2017 Green Sky Thinking week presented a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded professionals in the built environment industry, and to discuss concepts that we hear about often, but might not get the chance to investigate further. Reflecting upon the events I attended, I realised that all three events addressed some aspect of the same fundamental question: what do we need to do differently now in the construction industry to ensure that we maximise the life and value of buildings and the materials that comprise them? What follows is a brief look at the three aspects of this question that stood out for me. Read more…

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