24 November 2017
By Hayley Cormick

KLH welcomes Hayley to the team!

Tell us a bit about your background?

Like every true Canadian, I grew up spending my summers outdoors in a canoe, on a dock or by a campfire, and my winters on the ski hill. But I’m no Canadian hippy. I spent many days in the hot-humid summers and cold-slushy winters in the city of Toronto where I grew fascinated by the urban jungle. What started as an interest in building physics, became a driving passion in my career to become a sustainability professional in the building sector.


After studying civil engineering at Queen’s University, I worked on site on Toronto’s Union Station rail project where I applied my technical expertise as a member of the general contracting team. It is here that I realised the scale of the challenge in driving sustainability from the bottom up, and came to understand the role I could play in the industry to achieve better building design and performance.


Having recently completed a masters degree in building science at Ryerson University, I am ready to take on the role as a sustainability consultant to facilitate integrated design through collaborative working.


Where did you first hear about KLH Sustainability?

Long before making the move to the UK from Canada, I knew I wanted to work internationally, as I believe a broad understanding of the global context is fundamental to resolving some of the big issues that face the world. I also knew I wanted to find a company that values international input and takes a holistic approach to sustainable design.


Shortly following my move to the UK, I was happily taking a few weeks to rest and recover from the completion of my dissertation, when a friend from back home sent a link to the KLH Sustainability website with a message saying, “Hayley… I think I may have found your dream team”. And was she ever right.


What made KLH Sustainability stand out for you to work for?

KLH Sustainability bridge the existing gap in the construction sector between wanting to apply sustainable best practices and actually knowing how to. KLH Sustainability takes a realistic and practical approach to tackling unique problems and doesn’t shy away from proposing unconventional solutions. Being at the forefront of some of the company’s ambitious projects at that moment a client comes to realise their untapped potential in energy, water or waste savings is an invaluable experience for me as a young professional.


What is your current role at KLH Sustainability?

As a sustainability consultant at KLH Sustainability, I will engage with specialists from across the built environment to help guide their teams to achieve their sustainability goals. Whether through the form of ongoing engagement programmes or project specific consulting, I will make sustainable solutions possible for companies and organisations who do not have the technical expertise or facilities to do so in-house.


How do you see yourself going forward within KLH Sustainability?

Being part of a small, close-knit team at KLH Sustainability, I will have the opportunity to be involved in some of our larger high-profile client projects, while leading and executing smaller projects individually. I see so much potential for both me as a professional and for the company as a whole.


What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is about designing for the needs of today, the demands of tomorrow and preserving the history of the past. It is about every individual taking the onus and responsibility to make an ethical decision to balance the environmental, social and economic needs in the built environment.


Find Hayley's contact details on our team page.

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