11 December 2017

Christmas Round-Up

How quickly time seems to have passed as we find ourselves at the end of another year. 2017 has seen a lot of changes for KLH Sustainability and like many small business with a strong business base in the UK, we have felt the effects of Brexit uncertainty.


However, as we approach the end of the year we are fortunate to welcome two new team members as we say farewell to others and have exciting new projects on the horizon.


We do, of course, still have a prevalence for employing intelligent, ambitious people with a wide range of complementary experience and interesting backgrounds, and our two recent recruits definitely fit the bill!


Priyanka Arora joins our team from Sturgis Carbon Profiling, She is a qualified architect, having studied and worked in Bangalore and Delhi prior to moving to the UK and completing a Masters degree in Environmental Design at University College, London.


Priyanka will replace Abby who has taken on a part-time role with the GLA. Abby leaves a big gap to fill in the KLH team, but Priyanka’s client facing experience and ability to deal with complex and sometimes conflicting sustainability aspirations ear-marked her as an ideal replacement for Abby on our ambitious East Wick and Sweetwater scheme.


Priyanka has been spending a lot of time reading since she joined the team, catching up on the long history of the project. With Rosa’s guiding hand and project knowledge, we have no doubt that she will be ready to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in in the New Year!


Meanwhile we welcomed Hayley Cormick from another corner of the world, Canada. Hayley has a strong background in civil engineering and building physics and having worked for Canada’s largest contractor for the past 2 years she embodies the KLH philosophy of combining on-site construction experience with strategic advice to ensure a robust and practical approach to sustainability.


Hayley is shadowing Tercia closely to ensure a smooth transition when Tercia goes on maternity leave in February. Tercia has spent the past year working with Elliott Wood structural engineers to build capacity within their team around all things sustainable. The engagement programme has covered everything from the big ideas such as circular economy and climate adaptation to the technical detail of concrete specification and on-site recycling of aggregates. We know the team will miss Tercia but they are looking forward to the new ideas and perspective Hayley can bring.


Another client that will miss Tercia is McLaren construction. She has been working with their internal team to crystallise their sustainability offer; developing clear baselines, defining performance targets and creating implementation plans. In 2018, Hayley will have her work cut out as the McLaren team set to work implementing the new sustainability strategy.


Hayley and Priyanka will also be working closely with a relatively new KLH client, Apartments for London. Apartments for London are developing a fantastic proposition to deliver truly affordable homes to the London market. KLH are employed to ensure these affordable homes are not only affordable in terms of rent, but in terms of on-going water and energy charges, and that they provide clear value to those who build them, as well as those that live in them. We are incredibly excited to take this project beyond the Feasibility Stage with such an aspirational client at the helm.


Rosa joined the KLH team at the beginning of 2017 as a fresh-faced graduate. We kept her hidden away for the first few months as she got to grips with the UK planning process and the all-important document control required for large projects. However, for the last 6 months or more she has been an engaging presence at East Wick and Sweetwater design team meetings and has even started running her own small project for long-standing KLH client, The Crown Estate. She has delved deep in to the world of marine aggregate dredging and analysed the associated carbon footprint of dredgers servicing the key London and South East market to determine how this valuable source of aggregates can become more carbon competitive to increasingly constrained land-based resources.


Rosa has also been providing ideas and analysis on the largest project KLH has ever been involved in. We are still awaiting the results of the masterplan competition so are not yet at liberty to share the location or details of this incredible project.


Chloe briefly returned to the KLH fold after over 18 months travelling the world, but left in October to lead a small BREEAM team at Watermans. As the longest serving member of the KLH team, apart from Kirsten herself, we were sad to see her go!


So, that just leaves Kirsten who has either been pedalling her Brompton around London like a slightly crazed person or coping with red-eye flights to the Middle East. She has spent time in both Dubai and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with new clients. It was with slight trepidation she exited the airport at Riyadh but her experience both in the working environment, and being unexpectedly invited to join a large group of local women in the main square one evening, left her with a lasting impression of this complex country and its incredible people.


Kirsten has also taken in Beirut, Cambridge and Newcastle on the conference and lecture circuit whilst still finding time to provide sustainability expertise to the High Speed 2 Independent Design Review Panel. Our forward-thinking approach to sustainability has also been recognised in BREEAM 2018, which now includes proposed new criteria Wst02 for the measurement of sustainable aggregate use, which we developed over the last 2 years with The Crown Estate.


So, as we say goodbye to a challenging 2017, we welcome in 2018 with some new faces and a new business proposition around technical energy services for our clients. From all of us at KLH Sustainability, we wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

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