13 December 2016

KLH Christmas Round-Up

It is difficult to know where to start with 2016! We have had numerous staff changes, many new projects starting and a number of old favourites reaching completion. Add in to that not one, but two office changes (and let’s not mention politics…), and you can see why the KLH team might be looking a little worse for wear in the final run up to the Christmas holidays.


This year both Kristina and Rosa left the KLH team. Rosa joined Balfour Beatty as a Design Manager to put her architectural skills to good use. Kristina is out and about on the international scene making connections and full of ideas as usual!


Meanwhile, Samantha has decided not to return back to work at KLH following her maternity leave. She plans to spend a little more time with her new family before looking for a new part time role in London. And as for Chloe, well, the last we heard she was in Africa somewhere, we do hope she’ll find her way back to London and KLH soon!


Tercia joined the KLH team recently and has quickly become a valuable member of our team. We are busily recruiting for the new year and hope to introduce you to a couple of new KLHers shortly!


The East Wick & Sweetwater development on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park continues apace, keeping Abby on her toes. Phase 1 Reserved Matters Application was submitted in the second half of the year alongside the start of Phase 2 design. Hopefully, we can share some construction photographs with you next year. In the meantime, Balfour Beatty and the team have picked up a Sustainable Construction Award from the 2016 London Construction Awards thanks to everyone’s efforts on this ambitious project so far.


If that wasn’t enough to keep Abby busy she’s also closed out two of our major projects with Balfour Beatty, the Olympic Stadium transformation and St James’s Market.


St James’s Market offers a beautiful redevelopment of a forgotten corner of London. The public art complements the beautiful Make architecture brilliantly, definitely worth a walk through if you are in the Piccadilly area. Key achievements were highlighted (along with East Wick & Sweetwater and Stadium) in Balfour Beatty’s 2015 Sustainability Report.


Our involvement with BSkyB has also drawn to an end as the staff start to inhabit their fantastic new space in Hounslow. The campus has successfully explored the use of timber as a structural building material and offers some interesting architectural and engineering design solutions. No doubt the stunning new health and fitness facilities, and outdoor spaces will be welcomed by the staff - well-being turned from rhetoric into reality!


Kirsten has been busy challenging the sustainability assessment of aggregates in UK construction and is currently working with The Crown Estate and the BRE to develop a new criteria for the forthcoming revision of BREEAM. She’s also been exploring the sustainability credentials of off-site fabrication and discovered a surprising issue. Research work in these two areas will continue to keep her busy next year.


Almost 5 years since our involvement began, Kirsten attended the opening ceremony for the University of Nottingham Centre for Sustainable Chemistry, which welcomed its first students in September. Many of you may remember that this beautiful building burnt to the ground in 2014, when it was about 70% complete. Morgan Sindall re-constructed the building to the same design, and once again we see art making a real statement. Local artists were commissioned to create pieces of work out of the remains of the burnt structure. There’s something incredibly poignant about the project; placing art in a science laboratory, paying homage to the burnt remains in a building designed to discover new ideas. A building with a history before it even opened its doors – it is another must see if you are in the area.


Tercia has taken over our long-term involvement with Elliott Wood and has developed an exciting new sustainability engagement programme for the 3 teams in central London, Wimbledon and Nottingham. Tercia’s also fast becoming a specialist in carbon footprinting and will be applying her new knowledge and talents across numerous projects including East Wick and Sweetwater.


We’ve pitched for some interesting new regeneration and construction projects too, with new clients, but we can’t say anything about those yet! We hope to share some good news once you’ve had your fill of mince pies and sherry. In case you’re looking for us, our office will be closed from 24th Dec through 2nd Jan.


From all of us at KLH Sustainability, we wish all our colleagues, friends, collaborators and clients around the world, a very Merry Christmas. See you in the New Year!

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