27 November 2019
By Katie Margerum

KLH welcomes Katie to the team!

Tell us a bit about your background?


I grew up in Kent with a love for all things outdoors and having moved around the South of England over the past few years, I have recently come back to my roots.


I graduated from the University of Plymouth with a BSc in Environmental Science. At the time my studies focused on the marine environment with my final project researching toxic metal behaviour in estuaries. It was during this time that I obtained my commercial diver certification and love of water sports! Since graduating I have volunteered at the National Oceanography Centre, working with PhD students who are researching the effects of climate change on keystone species.


Realising my interest lies in how research is used to develop practical solutions, it has become my quest to find a career that sits somewhere between the two pillars of academia and business. With this in mind, I started a joint internship this summer with The Crown Estate, Vattenfall, Kent Wildlife Trust and Canterbury City Council to explore possible career paths. It was during this internship that my eyes were opened to a career in sustainability. 


Where did you first hear about KLH Sustainability?


My first introduction to KLH Sustainability was earlier this year during my summer internship with The Crown Estate. I was working on a project focussing on sustainability issues surrounding the extraction and use of marine aggregates. The Crown Estate recommended a number of industry contacts to advance the research, and KLH was one of them. After a month of various meetings within the aggregates supply chain, it’s sufficient to say that when we met with Kirsten at her offices the vibe was distinctly different!


What made KLH Sustainability stand out for you to work for?


From looking at KLH’s website and portfolio, I was impressed by the variety of projects in many sectors that KLH have contributed, and their work is clearly held in high regard by their clients. The team comes from diverse backgrounds, each being able to offer a different perspective and area of expertise, which I think is important when dealing with a topic as complex as sustainability. There is also a hum of enthusiasm around the office, which I find to be pleasantly infectious.


What is your current role at KLH Sustainability?


I am joining KLH as a Sustainability Intern, where I will be taking the opportunity to explore working in the sustainability sector in the built environment. Through helping to deliver projects, I will be learning from members of the team and identifying areas that I can expand my skills and knowledge. I think this internship will be a steep learning curve for me both professionally and personally, and I am very excited to get started. 


How do you see yourself going forward within KLH Sustainability?


I believe that I am going to enjoy working at KLH. I hope to grow professionally, with the intention of becoming a valuable asset to the business and the industry as a whole. 


What does sustainability mean to you?


I feel that the term “sustainable” is often used without depth of meaning, and is losing value as a concept. For me, sustainability extends beyond the remit of successful resource management to the functioning of society for the long term. 


In a world of environmental problems, the sustainability industry is making steps in providing solutions, and that is something I would love to be involved in. I believe that sustainability is key to corporate success and should not be viewed as a hurdle to it.

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