12 November 2019
By Sabine Hogenhout

Introducing our latest member Sabine to the team!

Tell us a bit about your background?


I grew up in the Netherlands where I also enjoyed my formal architectural education. This probably explains why the bicycle is by far my favourite means of transportation.


Ever since the start of my architecture studies, I have been drawn to designing for people through placemaking. Apart from the esthetical aspect of the built environment, my focus and interest were mainly directed towards the (re)invention of the way people live, work and experience their surroundings in our current society.


After having worked as an architect in Germany, China and The Netherlands for a couple of years, this interest in people and their environments led me study Environmental Design and Engineering at the UCL in London as a postgraduate in 2009. During this time I gained a holistic understanding of sustainable design, ranging from building physics to the design of zero carbon buildings, to embodied carbon of materials and their role within the circular economy.


With this newly gained knowledge I returned to practice leading the sustainability agenda for the architectural offices Henley Halebrown and later Mæ. The desire to focus completely on sustainability made me take the step to join the team of sustainability specialists at KLH.


Where did you first hear about KLH Sustainability?


I heard about KLH from my fellow EDE student and friend Georgios who joined KLH in the summer of 2018 and told me enthusiastically about his new role. After this first introduction the name popped up in other conversations with friends and peers who all had very positive experiences working with KLH. 


What made KLH Sustainability stand out for you to work for?


I like the diversity of the projects at KLH and the expertise of the team to deliver a bespoke approach for each of them. In my experience each project comes with its own set of interests that create a unique mix and requires a tailor made strategy.


When I met my colleagues at KLH I was struck by their enthusiasm and passion for their work. Being supported by a committed team that is prepared to push the boundaries to achieve the best outcomes, felt like the perfect environment to further develop my own knowledge and skills.


What is your current role at KLH Sustainability?


I am joining as an associate sustainability advisor. My MSc in environmental design and my work on sustainability and placemaking in my role as an architect has given me a thorough understanding of realising projects with both environmental and social sustainability at their core. I am looking forward to making this the main focus at KLH and advice clients on how to best achieve their sustainability ambitions.


How do you see yourself going forward within KLH Sustainability?


Within the research minded and involved context of the KLH team I see great potential to evolve my knowledge and stay informed about the latest progress within sustainable design. Experience in a diversity of projects will increase my awareness of strategies and mechanisms that genuinely work and improve my value within the design team towards tackling today’s critical issues surrounding the built environment.  


What does sustainability mean to you?


For me, sustainability means creating healthy environments in which people can thrive and adopt a positive lifestyle within the limits of the earth’s available resources.  

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