26 November 2014

Same Exceptional Service… Just Packaged a Little Differently

You might notice something a little different about us today…

We are sorry we missed you in October but as you can see our period of hibernation has resulted in what we hope you will agree is a rather beautiful change!


Whether a site operative or a national executive you cannot ignore that the face of the construction industry is changing. At KLH Sustainability we are accustomed to leading this change and over the last couple of years we have adapted to reflect our growing client base and industry requirements.


Now we finally have a website to reflect this change. You will find a comprehensive list of our services and projects on the new website including Research Led Strategy, Bid-Winning Sustainability and In-House Consultancy. We have also made the website easier to navigate and search for the topics that interest you. 


Change is exciting but complete metamorphosis takes time. While we have done our best to ensure everything works, please do check out the new website and send through any comments you have. Good or bad we want to hear them all so we can keep improving!

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