23 December 2014
By Kristina Arsenievich

Responsible Gifts

It is difficult to understate our collective investment into the upcoming festive season. This investment is often accompanied by some very grim statistics. It seems the biggest testament of our love to friends and family this year would once again be the amount of waste we will produce.


WRAP estimates Londoners alone throw away 540,000 tonnes of food, averaging 50kg of general waste or about 90kg CO2 per household. Consistent efforts have been made to help us reduce the footprint of the festive season and ensure higher levels of waste segregation. However, there is no beating the tradition of overspending and overeating.

Could we at least ensure our presents don’t go to waste? We may be too busy to find a ‘good gift’, but we can not afford to continue investing in gifts that are ‘no good’. Responsible sourcing of your gifts could help ensure your love has broader applications. When selecting a gift it is worth considering whether it was mass produced of hand crafted and if so, was this an enjoyable process?

While many may believe this will inflate the price of a gift, the truth is you can buy a quality responsible gift that suits any budget. Economy and exchange rates may fluctuate but social value contributions are always timely. So rather than logging on to Amazon, why not try which supports small suppliers producing high quality hand-finished products or go to your local Christmas market? And don’t forget to check certification and recycled content of your wrapping paper, after all over 83 sq km of it will end up in UK rubbish bins Boxing day... Happy Holidays!

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