19 June 2017
By Kingsley Owusu-Ware, Design Engineer Construct Work Placement Student

A week in the life: KLH hosts DEC work placement student

Through our work with Balfour Beatty and Places for People on the East Wick & Sweetwater project, KLH took on a work placement student as part of the London Legacy Development Corporation’s partnership with the Design Engineer Construct Programme. Kingsley Owusu-Ware is interested in civil engineering, has experience with CAD and BIM and is looking to join apprenticeship programmes. He spent a week with KLH working on a number of different projects. He shares his experience here, and we’re happy to report it seems he enjoyed his time with us as much as we enjoyed having him with us!


I successfully completed my one-week work placement at KLH Sustainability located in Clerkenwell, running from the 15th to the 19th of May. During my work placement at KLH Sustainability, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by motivated, brilliant minds allowing me to learn and experience first-hand the various developments that go into a building project, the process of how projects are initiated from start to end, as well as the amount of detail that needs to be thought of in each stage. During my placement, I was able to gain insight into the various sustainability issues that are thought of in the construction and engineering industry such as; ways to reduce embodied energy and carbon, creation of carbon neutral buildings and also how to improve the overall efficiency of a building. This, in turn, has provided me with more insight into the different issues and methods for tackling the sustainability of new development.


Reflecting back to my time at KLH Sustainability, my most memorable day was on my first day where I had a bit of trouble finding the location, however, it was nothing a little phone call couldn’t solve... After being introduced to the team, I was given a laptop to work on containing the software Bluebeam Revu, this was a new software to me but also to the team. I was given the task of using Bluebeam Revu to calculate and store measurements from PDF architectural drawings to inform the embodied carbon model. I was given the responsibility of learning how Revu works and subsequently analysing drawings. This really made me feel part of their team as I was able to share my newly acquired knowledge with the rest of the team while calculating important measurements for the East Wick and Sweetwater project. In addition, the team were very friendly, creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere to work in.


On the last day of my work placement, I was given the opportunity to accompany Tercia to Elliott Wood, one of KLH’s regular clients, where I was again fortunate to be allowed to witness important meetings between structural and civil engineers. This gave me an overview of how the team at KLH work with Elliott Wood to integrate sustainability in to the company, and allowed me to understand how important communication is between the different engineering roles in a project.


Overall, my work experience at KLH Sustainability was fantastic. I was very happy with the amount of knowledge I was able to obtain through my time there but also inspired by how passionate the KLH team is about their work. It has really opened my eyes to the amount of work and dedication that is put into a building project, and provided valuable knowledge I can now apply to my future endeavours.



Photograph:Courtesy of Design Engineer Construct: Last year's work placement student's getting experience on site.



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