21 April 2021
By The KLH Team

Happy Earth Day 2021!

At KLH, protecting and preserving our earth underpins our core values. We do everything we can to make sure we are putting the environment first and providing a sustainable future for our team, our clients and the planet! To celebrate Earth Day this year, we have each shared our memories of appreciation for the beautiful environment around us. 


“Crag Lough, Northumberland National Park, is where my old man took me trout fishing when I was a little boy.  A glacial lake, bordered by a sharp crag and Emperor Hadrian's Roman wall, it is timeless, epic, and serene”. – Richard Pender


“Enjoying the absolute and newfound serenity of the top of Greenwich park at Earth Day 2020, with spectacular views to an unfamiliarly quiet Thames, the south London hills and the London skyline, no boats, planes or cars in sight, and just the sound of bird songs!” – Georgios Askounis


“Sitting on the concrete stoop at the little chalet, in the late spring sunshine, listening to the fields vibrate with insect life.  Their paradise is the multitude of wildflowers that bloom on the steep slopes. My paradise is knowing that they are still here.” - Kirsten Henson


“I was once lucky enough to spend a night on a boat in Los Haitises National Park in the Dominican Republic. I had a wonderfully surreal experience of going for a night swim to discover the sea was full of bioluminescent phytoplankton. As if that wasn’t enough sparkles, the sky was full of fireflies and the milky way made an appearance. I often think of this moment and how lucky I am to have experienced it.” - Katie Margerum


Earth Day


“A sunset that will forever be ingrained in my memory was the amazing sunset on the Lake Titicaca after having visited the Islas de Uros, floating islands made of reeds inhabited by the indigenous Uru people”- William Butcher


Earth Day


“There is nothing more peaceful than looking out and seeing only nature – no cars, no buildings, no roads – and hear only birds singing and water flowing. The freshwater lakes of Canada will always remind me of my privileged to experience such beauty”. – Hayley Cornick


Earth Day


“The beauty of sunrises and sunsets at the beaches in Africa is something that brings me peace and joy” - Jacira Baro


Earth Day


“Floating on my back in the sea, seeing nothing but the sky above, with the sound of the sea drowning out all noise, whether external or internal.” – María Benjamínsdóttir


 Earth Day


“I feel a sense of gratitude for all the birds that co-habit our cities, being the songs of the seasons and a reminder of beauty, (the gift of) music and playfulness. I can’t imagine how it would be without them, left only with the technological noise of our making in the air.” - Marietta Gontikaki

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