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Biophilic design – good for us and the planet?

The concept of biophilic design could arguably be dated back to the hanging gardens of Babylon. Biophilic design stems from biophilia; the innate human need to connect with nature. Biophilic design focuses on enabling a human connection to nature in Read more ...

Does timber actually come out on top when considering end-of-life?

If perhaps you weren’t looking for it, or skipped over the clause, you may have missed a critical item within the RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment for the Built Environmental professional statement, Nov 2017, around the mandatory requirements to be Read more ...

A social, circular economy - The benefits of a unified approach on construction projects

Traditionally, circular economy principles aim to maximise the value of material resources at the end of their first useful life and reduce waste at each step of the value chain, by establishing process improvements, new business models and redesigning products Read more ...