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Can carbon sequestration in urban landscapes form part of a net-zero carbon approach to development?

Humans are responsible for artificially mobilising carbon from ancient biomass reserves and releasing it into the dynamic carbon cycle as atmospheric carbon dioxide. This is the root cause of our current climate crisis. We can slow, and in some cases Read more ...

Delighted to welcome Maria to our KLH team!

Tell us a bit about your background?I was born just south of the Arctic Circle, in a little Icelandic fisherman’s town, but have been migrating southwards ever since. My parents’ careers took me south to the Icelandic capital, then further Read more ...

Futurebuild 2020: Tackling the climate emergency

Earlier on this month, when life was still normal and we could leave our homes and go to events, KLH graduates, Will and Katie, attended the Futurebuild conference. The majority of time was spent at the ‘Resourceful Materials’ Stage listening Read more ...