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Can we invent our way out of the climate crisis?

Geoengineering involves methods that seek to deliberately alter the climate system to lessen the effects of climate change, such as carbon capture technology, dumping iron filings in the ocean to promote the growth of phytoplankton, or injecting aerosols in the Read more ...

Refuse or Refuse?

‘Single-use plastics’: a buzzword, crowned ‘word of the year’ in 2018, synonymous with global public outcry. The commercial benefits of plastic are undeniable – it's cheap, lightweight and durable. Yet since plastic hit our shelves in 1950, only 9% has Read more ...

Top 9 Ideas for a more Sustainable Food Factory Part 2

This article follows on from last week where a range of ideas were presented for reducing the carbon footprint of food production facilities. The second instalment of the two-part post focuses on sustainability ideas that are often overlooked in factories Read more ...